Bees and Wasps – What’s the Difference?


They both fly, sting, and are black and yellow in color, so it is easy to see how people can get bees and wasps confused with one another. However, knowing the difference and knowing how to tell them apart is an important way to determine what is in your yard, so you can act accordingly.

Bees and Wasps – The Differences

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How Early Squirrel Removal Saves You Money

Something many homeowners have learned the hard way is that ignoring an animal problem, especially squirrels in your home, can cause serious financial repercussions. Squirrels are part of the rodent family, meaning they have large front teeth that are constantly growing. As such, they always gnaw on something to wear their teeth down to a reasonable l… Read more »

Why Humane Honey Bee Removal is Important

At Critter Control® of Waco, we take honey bee removal seriously. The world’s bee population is slowly recovering but still in danger, so it’s important to take every possible measure to help their numbers thrive. You’ve likely heard about what an important role honey bees play in our world, but why are they so crucial?

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How to Rodent-Proof Vents to Your Attic

Attics are prime locations for rodents because they love to nest in warm, rodent proof attic and ventsisolated places. While there, they can cause havoc by shredding plumbing pipes, gnawing electrical wires, and introducing infectious diseases to your home and family. As a result, you need to be proactive and take steps to rodent-proof… Read more »

Why Is My Rat Trap Not Working?

Rats not only put you at risk of contracting diseases such as rabies but also cause safety issues like fire outbreaks resulting from chewed electrical wires. That said, the most practical way to eliminate these pesky rodents is to set a rat trap at home. However, it is possible your snare trap may not get the job done, and that can be due to the following … Read more »

Rodent Droppings

Rodent droppings are perhaps the foulest part of an infestation. A single rodent can produce up to 30 animal-droppingsdroppings per day and will leave them throughout your home as it travels. The fecal waste and urine smell terrible, and their presence can be disturbing, especially when found in your kitchen (as is often the case).

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Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are easily identifiable, thanks to the black coloring around their eyes and cheeks. Many people raccoon in Waco home chimneycompare this coloring to a classic bandit mask. Like human thieves, raccoons commonly break into homes and can cause plenty of damage. If you suspect you have a raccoon causing damage in or around your home or business, Critter Control of Waco can teach you what to… Read more »

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are some of the most common pests in North America. They also commonly cause the most damage and can carrying serious diseases, including rabies. While raccoons are by no means the only wildlife pest you should protect your home or business against, it is vital to know the problems they cause. Once you can identify a raccoon problem, you can have it treated and will become more adept at finding signs of an infestation next time.

Why Do Raccoons Invade?

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Baby Raccoons

Everyone loves baby animals, but baby raccoons grow up to be household pests. Mothers typically have litters of about five kits in late spring; this places the babies at risk for starvation because they don’t have much time to learn to forage and store fat before cold weather. As a result, mothers and their babies often forage on people’s property, contaminating food sources and spreading parasites.shutterstock_3592… <a href=Read more »

Mice in the Walls

If you have mice in the walls of your home, you already know how annoying the squeaking, scratching, and chittering is. However, did you know mice can do plenty of cosmetic damage and even spread harmful parasites and diseases? If you have mice in walls of your home, you need Critter Control® of Waco’s professional services right away.shutterstock_350020583

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