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Pigeons in Waco may cause problems because they travel in flocks, and they can create a large mess. If you own a business, flocks of pigeons can inhabit the areas outside of your building, leaving droppings on cars and entrances to your organization. In homes and businesses they can nest in attics and crawl spaces, leaving behind a mess to clean up in addition to odor and destruction of property.

Waco Pigeon Control


Pigeons are very intelligent animals. They are one of the very few species to pass the self-recognition ‘mirror test’. They not only recognize themselves, but they can differentiate between images in a photograph. Since the domestication of the pigeon thousands of years ago, they have been revered by many religions, including Hindu, Islam, Christianity and Sikh.  Though these religions see the best in this avian species, Critter Control of Waco realizes that pigeons can be a nuisance and require bird control.

Identifying Characteristics                                  

There are many types of pigeons however the ones generally seen in urban areas are known as feral pigeons. Feral pigeons vary widely in color. Most are shades gray but can range from shades of pure white to black. The average adult pigeon weighs 13 oz., has a wings span of 20-26 inches, and is approximately 11-14 inches in size. Both male and female look identical, but the male’s neck is more iridescent.


The pigeon was first discovered in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. They are now widely distributed throughout North and South America. In the United States, they are located in 49 out of 50 states. Pigeons build their nests using grass, sticks and twigs where they see most fitting. In the urban setting, however, they nest in buildings, on window ledges, in attics, in farm barns, and throughout parks.

Potential Damage

Homeowner’s are seldom concerned about pigeons until they arrive in large numbers. The pigeons generate large amounts of droppings which deface and accelerate building deterioration, and increase maintenance costs. Excessive amounts of droppings will produce objectionable odors, present aesthetic problems, and hinder vegetation growth.

Pigeons can also spread diseases to people and animals.  Their droppings harbor airborne spores that have been associated with the spread of histoplasmosis, encephalitis and ornithosis.


The best way to detract pigeons is to implement bird control methods. Homeowners should remove all unintended food sources like bird feeders and trash cans. If homeowners have a pigeon infestation they are more susceptible to diseases and property damage. Call Critter Control of Waco at 469.805.6267 free home inspection and custom solutions for your pigeon problems.