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Waco Bee Removal: Bees, Wasps, Hornets in Texas

beeMany people are afraid of bees because of their sting. Bees commonly avoid humans, but it’s true that bee stings are painful. For people who are allergic to them, bee stings can be deadly. If your home or any area around it attracts bees, you can easily find yourself dealing with a bee infestation. Fortunately, Critter Control of Waco is here to help you safely and humanely get rid of bees and exclude new swarms from your home.

Identifying Bees

Many species of bees and other stinging insects exist, including honeybees, hornets, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets. Some are more prone to sting than others are, but all can become household pests if not controlled. Bees commonly cause problems in autumn but can be found around homes in spring and summer as well. You will likely find bees’ nest in or under the eaves of your roof. These insects also like to make nests under light fixtures or deck railings.

Bees are attracted to certain building materials. Be vigilant if your home is made of cedar or other sweet-smelling wood, or if you use cedar or pine molding or fixtures.

Preventing Bee Infestations

You don’t need to worry about the occasional bee in your yard. In fact, most gardeners appreciate bees’ ability to pollinate flowers and may plant certain species purposely to attract them. However, bees can and do multiply, leading to “too much of a good thing.” Critter Control advises our customers not to eat or drink outdoors. If you must, keep food and drinks securely covered. When possible, avoid bringing out sweet drinks like lemonade, juices, or sweetened tea.

Bee nests are often concealed and difficult to see. If you suspect you have one, call professionals to remove it, especially if anyone in your family is allergic to bee stings. Additionally, do not swat bees when they leave their nests. Sit or stand calmly and wait for them to fly away. Swatted bees will sting in self-defense. Call or Contact Critter Control of Waco for assistance in bee removal and exclusion.