Critter Control of Waco

Being able to appreciate wildlife and our environment we share with them is the first step in
understanding and resolving conflicts we have with our wildlife. Knowledge and understanding help to solve many of these ‘problems’ we have that are born from irrational fears or ignorance. Raccoons and snakes for example both have very important places in our eco-system, but are often wrongly thought to be a danger to humans. Many times, nature can be left alone to take care of itself, but sometimes these conflicts we have with nature need to be resolved to prevent any damage to our property, or to the wildlife. Human health and safety is a top priority, and must be preserved. Our methods of animal control from snake trapping, skunk control, rat removal, and everything in between benefit both the wildlife, and humans.

Critter Control has unveiled a program called CritterSafe to help offer an even more humane wildlife control option. By using non-lethal techniques, no-trap, release on-site, or one way doors to minimize danger to our wildlife friends. CritterSafe includes our exclusive Animal Entry Worksheet home inspection and detection service to help identify potential entry points and prevent animals from damaging your home or business long into the future. Animal damage can be prevented, and Critter Control can show you how.