Welcome to Critter Control® of Greater Waco

When a wild animal invades your home or business, you need to know that who you call to address the problem will do so totally and efficiently. With over three decades of experience, Critter Control® of Waco is regarded as the premier animal removal service in the area. With that wealth of experience, you know who you can trust when problems arise.

Our family operated business is fully licensed and insured in removing wildlife from both residential and commercial settings using the most environmentally conscious and effective methods available anywhere. This way you can rest assured knowing your property is safe from animal invasion, and that the critter’s wellbeing was considered during removal.

At Critter Control® it isn’t enough for us to simply remove the animal from your property, as that does nothing to address why they were there in the first place. Our technicians are able to seal up any entry points around your property that the critters may have used to enter, but not before repairing any damage caused during their stay.

Big or small, no infestation should be underestimated. Even a single critter can put the wellbeing of your property or family at risk. We pride ourselves on being a total solution for any size or type of wildlife problem, so never hesitate to call our office at 469.805.6267.